Psychoanalysis is a type of treatment to help patients understand why their life seems endlessly difficult. We are often unaware of the many factors that influence our emotions and behaviors. Together we will think about your most distressing concerns and also wonder if you may be unwittingly contributing to your ongoing dilemmas. I will listen and think closely to things you say but also–just as important–to the things you do not say around the concern we are discussing. It is the way you have learned to think about important relationships that seem to cause troubles to follow you year after year, from job to job, or from one relationship to another, despite your very best efforts to change.

Comprehending why this happens over and over again is very difficult to do alone. In this kind of treatment we would meet several times a week. Some people prefer to lie on the couch while others do not. Psychoanalysis encourages self-reflection that can lead to more creative thinking and contentment, so that you may live a more fulfilling life.