Play Therapy

Play therapy is the basic model when treating young children.  Through therapeutic play we can come to understand the symptoms and the worries underneath a child's behavior. Through this process, children recreate with special toys the emotional experiences they struggle with internally that impede their psychosocial development.

Many children–even those with good language skills–often are not able to express their anger, fear, sadness or frustration verbally.  These kinds of feelings make school and making and keeping friends difficult.  When these feelings get depicted in their play, I help them put their feelings into words and the child's range of self-expression expands.  This allows for a shift in their interpersonal relations, which leads to higher self-esteem as well as enjoyment of family and friends, making parenting more enjoyable.

I meet with parents on a regular basis to support the treatment by offering new ways of listening and responding when their children are feeling badly about themselves.

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